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Thanks to the support of our partners, we can focus on what we do best: Winning! Each partner brings us crucial factors to develop ÆX-1 further and become successful.


GameDAO is a collaborative coordination platform for video game developers, gamers and gaming guilds. GameDAO helps game developers and organisations - including esports teams - to build new and more sustainable business models by leveraging the power of the community. Community-driven ownership and creation will be an essential part of the video game industry in the near future, where all key players can participate and own parts of it together.


MOUSEPADS by is the leading manufacturer for premium custom mouse pads. They create innovative products that are manufactured in Hamburg, with top materials and technology to guarantee the highest quality and meet the demands of esports pros. The products are used by more than 150 professional esports teams.



Bortoli AG is an Infosec company with comprehensive offers in the field of cyber security. They are specialists in phishing tests, pentests and offer products for the highest possible protection against cyber threats. From rebuilding systems and data encrypted by ransomware, to negotiating with blackmailers, to implementing ransomware protection.

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LAW FIRM - Kellerhals Carrard

Kellerhals Carrard is one of the largest and oldest law firms in Switzerland. It's a full-service law firm dedicated to meeting the legal needs of ÆX-1. They provide comprehensive legal services, ranging from contract negotiation to M&A, and are committed to providing the highest quality of legal advice and providing practical solutions that support the success of ÆX-1.



The media company from the Jungfrau region near Bern is considered as one of the most modern and innovative. The independent reporting on regional and global topics is extremely popular and attracts new readers. With articles on gaming and esports, they also want to offer the younger audience many fascinating insights.



ASIMBA specializes in creating digital solutions to help any business move forward. From apps and websites to online stores, mini-games, video productions, 3D simulations and animations - they offer a wide range of services to strengthen your digital presence. They also apply their expertise in emerging areas such as metaverse and AI to provide innovative and forward-thinking solutions.

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