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ÆX-1 (ɛks-wʌn) is an established Swiss Esports organization, which was successfully rebranded from SPARX ESPORTS in 2023. Since its foundation in 2018, we have been growing steadily and are currently the third largest in Switzerland. Our organization is represented with teams in the highest and most relevant leagues in the DACH region and aims to add value to our partner's brand.

We support companies to enter the exciting world of gaming and esports, develop business strategies or marketing campaigns and organize information events. We offer educational events for young people, parents and senior citizens and guide them into the digital world.

The Lore

Whoever thinks of sparks thinks of a small, flashing particle – the beginning of a fire. A beautiful image, but no longer what defines us. We are no longer at the beginning and what we are burning for is the future. The future is open, unoccupied, and can be dreamed up with imagination. And that's exactly how we came up with our new name. ÆX-1 doesn't evoke any historical connotations, nor does it stimulate clear images of the present world.

ÆX-1 occupies its own universe.

It's an awesome codename for what's coming; an ultra short mantra of the potential futures; a declaration of war on the diehards and a declaration of love to progress and gaming.

Our Mission

We defined our mission in four focus area

  • We are developing players' talent on game play, mental, health and want to successfully reach the next-level, individually and as a team.

  • We are complemented by content creators to create enjoyable content and produce attractive entertainment in order to engage with the community.

  • We use latest technologies to develop innovative tools for campaigns and community engagement together with our partners.

  • Our focus is DACH as our community is mainly from Germany (85%), then Switzerland/Austria (12%) and Europe (3%). With our community, we aim to build a loyal open-minded fanbase.

  • We support companies/brands to enter the world of gaming and esports, develop business strategies or marketing campaigns and aim to add value for them.

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